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Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Geneva Public Transportation system (TPG) is really great. Stations are well marked, connections are (usually) easy, big stations tell you how long until the next bus/tram is coming, price is reasonable, buses are clean, they have a great website which is also tailored for mobile devices, etc. There is a lot to like about the TPG.

But, there are some chinks in the armor. My biggest peeve is: why do the drivers drive like they are Michael Schumacher? They always pull away from the bus stop like they’re being chased by the police. They hardly brake when coming to the regular procession of traffic circles. But, they do brake – quite suddenly and hard – when approaching a stop. They regularly will close the door on people who are obviously trying to get on. One time, the bus didn’t even come to a complete halt and the person wanting to get on reached out to press the “open door” button, but the driver had already pulled away. About ten people on the bus (and the guy outside) yelled for him to stop, and he hesitated for a second and then continued.

I love to ride the bus or tram, but it becomes very unpleasant when I’m being flung about inside because the driver is trying to take the checkered flag.

Maybe the schedule is too tight and they have to rush.



Since even before I arrived, I have been frequenting the following sites:

  • glocals – many, many expats and locals gather here to discuss, plan meetings, organize sports, etc.
  • englishforum.ch – many, many expats and locals gather here to discuss, plan meetings, organize sports, etc.
  • worldradio.ch – the website for the english-language radio station (88.4 FM in Geneva). They have classifieds
  • comparis.ch – a price comparison site for things like internet providers, mobile phone service, insurance, consumer electronics, cars, housing, etc.

If you have any to suggest, just leave a comment below!


My family just moved from Moscow to Geneva, though we actually ended up living in France. Nice place. Lots of positives – I’m really happy about the environment for my six year old son – but all is not 100% rosey. Trying to find a place to rent in Geneva is … well, trying.

In Moscow, I had a blog called MoscowBlog – great name, eh? I have used the moniker Zonker for quite some time, so now I have a new blog for my time here in Geneva. Hope you like it.

With this blog, I intend to let you know about things I’ve learned or discovered. Differences, both good and bad. I’ll also ask questions, hoping that someone will have some answers.

In general, I’m happy to be here. I’ve met some very nice people already and expect to meet many more.

Oh, and a plug for me…..I’m a computer guy. I fix computers. Upgrade them. And so on. If you have any questions about your computer, drop me a line here and I’ll get back to you.

Happy Birthday, Or Bider whom I knew from Kyiv International School.