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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Currently, there is a lot of construction going on, upgrading the bus and tram stops and what have you. Lots of work going on and therefore lots of detours, both for cars and people alike.

But, sometimes, you can be walking along and find yourself in the middle of a construction area. Yes, there are fences everywhere, but it’s not always clear which side of the fence you should be on.

Today, after my weekly free Computer Support hour at the Starbucks near the train station (Gare Cornavin), I was walking to my tram stop. I looked across and saw an old lady looking a bit lost, obviously on the wrong side of the fence. She was not in danger, but really wasn’t sure where to go next.

And that’s when I saw a great thing.

A construction worker – seemingly the only one there at the moment as I couldn’t see anyone else – came up to her, spoke to her and then offered her his arm and slowly, at her pace, brought her safely to the other side of the fence and pointed her in the right direction.

Construction worker helping a woman cross the site

Helping a woman cross the construction site

It’s things like this that just make me smile and hopeful about society.


A few days ago, just after the fireworks for the final day of the Fêtes de Genève, there was a headline the local free daily: “Summer heat 2010 is over.” I was hoping that it wouldn’t be true and it seems that, at least for the next few days, it’s not. Today was sunny most of the day and actually warm when in the sun. And supposedly it should be like that in the coming days as well. Here’s hoping.