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Domino’s Pizza Lunch Time Offer

I went to Domino’s Pizza today for Crazy Tuesday and saw this new poster:

Lunch is now "Hot & Ready" at Domino's Pizza in Geneva

Lunch is now “Hot & Ready” at Domino’s Pizza in Geneva

So, in addition to *all* small pizzas being only 9.90 CHF, they also have cheese and pepperoni pizzas ready without pre-ordering.


Foot golf in St. Cergue!

First, there was golf. Then there was disc golf, which is like golf, but with a frisbee.

Now, I’ve learned about foot golf, which is like golf, except with a football. 18 holes, uphill and downhill, trees, bunkers, fairways, doglegs and straight aways. It’s a great afternoon out and really fun for everyone. No particular skill is needed.

The place is Basse Ruche and it’s near the St. Cergue ski area, if you’ve ever been there for skiing.

dpart trottinerbeBut, they have more than just footgolf. They have multiple ziplines (tyroliennes), one of which indicates your speed. They have SwinGolf which is a simpler version of golf with one club that serves as driver, wedge and putter and special golf balls. They have archery. They have Trottinerbe (“grass scooter”) which looks really cool, going down a slope on a scooter specially built for it.

And they have a great restaurant which serves fondue, fondue, and for the daring, fondue.

It’s only about 30 minutes from Geneva. Check it out!

Fake 5 CHF: Now I’m a victim

On Tuesday, I stopped at a local grocery store and got some lunch before my afternoon client. The bill was 6.00 CHF, so I pulled out a 10 CHF note and then told the cashier, “Hold on, I think I have 1.00 CHF” – this in order to get a single 5 CHF coin as change. It’s a habit.

However, seconds later when I *got* the 5 CHF coin, I remembered there was recently an article in one of the daily newspapers about the fake 5 CHF coins in circulation. I thought to myself, but didn’t voice out loud, “Gee, I hope it’s not one of the fakes.”

Counterfeit (left) and real (right) 5 CHF coins.

Left one (1995) is counterfeit. Right one (1968) is real.

Today, I went to the Post Office to buy stamps for a US-bound post card. 1.60 CHF. So, I perused my coin pocket and found…..a 5 CHF coin. Placed it on the counter, slid it forward and waited for my change.

“I’m sorry, sir, but this is a fake 5 CHF coin. I’ll need to confiscate it and fill in a form and take your personal information from your ID.”

Apparently they weigh the same as the real ones, but the color is a bit different.

Probably best to avoid them for the near future, unless of course it’s coming from the Post Office or Bank.

Sport for All in Grand Saconnex

On 24 May 2014, Grand Saconnex inaugurated their new sports park called “Sport pour tous” with plenty to offer anyone who wants to be active outdoors.

The park provides three beach volleyball courts, a 9-hole disc golf course, two football pitches, 3 ping pong tables, 8 lanes of pétanque, a skatepark, a play area for children and a “parcours vita” which is a 15-station circuit to stretch, walk/run and exercise. There is also plenty of space to lay a blanket and catch some rays. Picnic tables are also available.

Inauguration day was perfect. The sun was out from start to finish. Experienced disc golf players were on hand to introduce people to the sport. On the volleyball court, Sébastien Chevallier (Swiss Champion and Olympian in 2012) worked out with girls from the Académie de Volleyball.

Here’s the official inauguration day video from the festivities.

The park is nestled between Palexpo, the highway/airport, and chemin Edouard Sarasin and is easily accessible by bus (Stops: Palexpo, Grand Saconnex Place, Grand Saconnex-Ferme Sarasin or Grand Saconnex-Taverny). There is a Coop, Denner and a Tabac Journaux on chemin Edouard Sarasin. If you want to play disc golf, you can rent Drivers, Midrange, and Putter discs at the Tabac for 2 CHF / disc.

I have been out to the park several times and still haven’t tried everything, but there’s time, yet. Hope to see you all out there!


Have you heard about Tooxme?

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 18.52.35

A few months ago, I saw a car driving around with the “Tooxme” logo, but I had no idea what it was. I thought it was something similar to the Google Maps cars that drive around.

Then, I saw an ad or something, and looked it up. It’s pretty cool; they call it “Social Mobility.” TCS is a partner, to lend it some credibility.

People download the app from iTunes Store or Google Play and create an account. Thereafter, if you are driving somewhere and have space in your car, you put in your destination and indicate that you are available. If someone along y

our route needs a ride, you’ll be notified and can make the pickup.

On the other hand, if you are without a car, you can indicate where you are and where you want to go and if someone is traveling that route, you’ll be matched.

The cool thing is that drivers earn credit for driving around while “available.” It’s not much, but it’s a small incentive.

I’ve been “available” for about a month and I often forget to change my status to “Available,” but I’ll keep trying. I haven’t had a rider, yet, but maybe someday soon.

Does anyone else use Tooxme? Need a ride?

The best Siri response yet!

I’ve been a big fan of Siri since the technology was announced. In fact, when I first heard Apple’s voice recognition technology on the iPhone would be called Siri…well, to be honest, I called my Norwegian friend, Siri, and told her how cool it would be that she would be in/on my iPhone.

Seriously, I use Siri. Not always, maybe not even often, but often enough. Weather, set timer (for baking or waiting for Clash of Clans troops to be ready, etc.), looking for information on the web, scores for my beloved Boston and DC sports teams, etc. I make appointments with Siri. And so on.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Balloon Festival in Switzerland with my son and some friends and on the way back, we somehow were discussing the “Who let the dogs out?” song. Something about the Apple ad a few years back that used the song. But, none of us could remember who sang it.

Siri: “Search the web for who sang Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Well, she only heard me say “Who let the dogs out” but she sure got the answer right!


If you don’t get it, just watch this video.

Oh, the answer is Baha Men.

TPG tickets by SMS!

Oh my god, how did I miss this?!?

As of 01 February 2014, you can buy tickets for TPG by sending an SMS message.

  • Send the message “tpg1″ to 788 to buy a full-fare ticket, 3.50 CHF, valid for 60 minutes.
  • Send the message “tpg2″ to 788 to buy a reduced-fare ticket, 2.50 CHF valid for 60 minutes.

It only works with Swiss SIM cards.

Apparently you can also buy tickets using the TPG app for iOS or Android devices. This is also news.

Click here for full official details (valid link as of 12.02.2014)