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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Oh yeah, baby!


As in Moscow before, I am offering computer support. See my flyer at venues across Geneva. 😉

Computer Problems? I can help.

Computer Problems? I can help.

If you need help, contact me.

I went to the Expat Expo in Geneva a few weeks ago. I’ve still got all the brochures and stuff, so I’m going to put the info here – for me and also for your benefit.

A few days ago, we were at a birthday party at Vera Cruz bar. (Happy Birthday, Nastya!)

We left shortly after midnight and about 200m after driving away, I heard that familiar flat-tire sound. Great.

I stopped the car near some parking garage, looked at the tire and sure enough, it was flat. Naturally, since someone had put a screw 5 cm deep into it. I still don’t understand why people do that. Especially to me. I’ve found at least 5 screws in my tires in the last 4 years. I thought it was an Eastern European thing, but now it’s happened in Geneva…..

In any case, under the light rain in my fancy duds, I rolled up my sleeves and started to change the tire. Unfortunately, the spare tire under the car was hard to get loose. The hook which is supposed to release the carriage the spare was in wouldn’t loosen. At some point, a guy approached and asked if he could help. Together, we were able to get the tire out – by breaking the screw assembly, just twisting it off – and change the tire.

Ahmed didn’t need to help me – I think he was just checking that we weren’t some ‘undesirables’ in front of the Hotel Kempinski that he worked for – but he was very kind and professional. Not rude or aggresive or anything.

I just want to say “Thanks!” for helping to make an unpleasant experience a bit more tolerable.