My family just moved from Moscow to Geneva, though we actually ended up living in France. Nice place. Lots of positives – I’m really happy about the environment for my six year old son – but all is not 100% rosey. Trying to find a place to rent in Geneva is … well, trying.

In Moscow, I had a blog called MoscowBlog – great name, eh? I have used the moniker Zonker for quite some time, so now I have a new blog for my time here in Geneva. Hope you like it.

With this blog, I intend to let you know about things I’ve learned or discovered. Differences, both good and bad. I’ll also ask questions, hoping that someone will have some answers.

In general, I’m happy to be here. I’ve met some very nice people already and expect to meet many more.

Oh, and a plug for me…..I’m a computer guy. I fix computers. Upgrade them. And so on. If you have any questions about your computer, drop me a line here and I’ll get back to you.

Happy Birthday, Or Bider whom I knew from Kyiv International School.