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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Today, I had no time between clients to eat lunch, so when I parked the car in front of a little grocery store that advertised “Sandwich de la Maison,” I thought I’d grab one as I walked to my client.

I went inside, greeted the woman behind the counter and asked for sandwiches and had a look around the store, too. I noticed that the radio was on and the announcer was talking in German. Not Swiss German, but German German. So I asked her about it.

Turns out she’s from Germany and so we spoke a bit about it: where’s she from, how long she’s been here, where I’m from, why I speak German, how long I’ve been here, etc. Standard I-just-met-you conversations.

As I was paying at the counter, I noticed some business cards, so I asked if I could place mine there. She said sure, so now I have another location with my cards. Yay!



The other day, I was looking at a paper copy of the Tribune de Genève with a friend. He wanted to read one of the articles later and so proceeded to tear out the pages and fold them up. I told him “Just look it up online.” He thought it wouldn’t be on the site; I couldn’t believe that it wouldn’t be on the site.

I searched the site from my iPhone, couldn’t find it quickly. So, I then looked for a TdG iPhone app. Found it! Installed it. Same story – that article was not there. Weird.

I put my iPhone away and didn’t think more about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. But, I digress.

The next morning at about 6:00am, I heard a strange beeping sound, sort of like morse code. I was sleeping and most sounds in my room come from my computer (also sleeping) or my phone. In that early-morning haze, I reached for my plugged in iPhone, and glanced at it.

“TdG: Some useless content that we thought you might want to know about. So much so that we woke you up with it!”

I couldn’t process, so I put it down, and went back to sleep. Later on, I was going about my day and my phone made a similar (but not the same) Morse code-y sounds. This time, being awake, I decided to turn that beeping off.

TdG > search for Preferences or Settings or Tools or anything….. Nothing.

Settings > scroll, scroll, scroll, searching for TdG Mobile….there it is! What options do we have here? “Vue horizontal: On/Off”. That’s it?! That’s the only application preference you felt might be necessary? Right, OK.

Home Button > Find TdG > Press and hold it for 3 seconds > See wiggly icons > click “x” on TdG.

Good-bye, TdG!