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I’ve been a big fan of Siri since the technology was announced. In fact, when I first heard Apple’s voice recognition technology on the iPhone would be called Siri…well, to be honest, I called my Norwegian friend, Siri, and told her how cool it would be that she would be in/on my iPhone.

Seriously, I use Siri. Not always, maybe not even often, but often enough. Weather, set timer (for baking or waiting for Clash of Clans troops to be ready, etc.), looking for information on the web, scores for my beloved Boston and DC sports teams, etc. I make appointments with Siri. And so on.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Balloon Festival in Switzerland with my son and some friends and on the way back, we somehow were discussing the “Who let the dogs out?” song. Something about the Apple ad a few years back that used the song. But, none of us could remember who sang it.

Siri: “Search the web for who sang Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Well, she only heard me say “Who let the dogs out” but she sure got the answer right!


If you don’t get it, just watch this video.

Oh, the answer is Baha Men.