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First, there was golf. Then there was disc golf, which is like golf, but with a frisbee.

Now, I’ve learned about foot golf, which is like golf, except with a football. 18 holes, uphill and downhill, trees, bunkers, fairways, doglegs and straight aways. It’s a great afternoon out and really fun for everyone. No particular skill is needed.

The place is Basse Ruche and it’s near the St. Cergue ski area, if you’ve ever been there for skiing.

dpart trottinerbeBut, they have more than just footgolf. They have multiple ziplines (tyroliennes), one of which indicates your speed. They have SwinGolf which is a simpler version of golf with one club that serves as driver, wedge and putter and special golf balls. They have archery. They have Trottinerbe (“grass scooter”) which looks really cool, going down a slope on a scooter specially built for it.

And they have a great restaurant which serves fondue, fondue, and for the daring, fondue.

It’s only about 30 minutes from Geneva. Check it out!


On 24 May 2014, Grand Saconnex inaugurated their new sports park called “Sport pour tous” with plenty to offer anyone who wants to be active outdoors.

The park provides three beach volleyball courts, a 9-hole disc golf course, two football pitches, 3 ping pong tables, 8 lanes of pétanque, a skatepark, a play area for children and a “parcours vita” which is a 15-station circuit to stretch, walk/run and exercise. There is also plenty of space to lay a blanket and catch some rays. Picnic tables are also available.

Inauguration day was perfect. The sun was out from start to finish. Experienced disc golf players were on hand to introduce people to the sport. On the volleyball court, Sébastien Chevallier (Swiss Champion and Olympian in 2012) worked out with girls from the Académie de Volleyball.

Here’s the official inauguration day video from the festivities.

The park is nestled between Palexpo, the highway/airport, and chemin Edouard Sarasin and is easily accessible by bus (Stops: Palexpo, Grand Saconnex Place, Grand Saconnex-Ferme Sarasin or Grand Saconnex-Taverny). There is a Coop, Denner and a Tabac Journaux on chemin Edouard Sarasin. If you want to play disc golf, you can rent Drivers, Midrange, and Putter discs at the Tabac for 2 CHF / disc.

I have been out to the park several times and still haven’t tried everything, but there’s time, yet. Hope to see you all out there!