Today, I had no time between clients to eat lunch, so when I parked the car in front of a little grocery store that advertised “Sandwich de la Maison,” I thought I’d grab one as I walked to my client.

I went inside, greeted the woman behind the counter and asked for sandwiches and had a look around the store, too. I noticed that the radio was on and the announcer was talking in German. Not Swiss German, but German German. So I asked her about it.

Turns out she’s from Germany and so we spoke a bit about it: where’s she from, how long she’s been here, where I’m from, why I speak German, how long I’ve been here, etc. Standard I-just-met-you conversations.

As I was paying at the counter, I noticed some business cards, so I asked if I could place mine there. She said sure, so now I have another location with my cards. Yay!