So, here I am in a new apartment and I needed a can opener. Found it pretty quickly, but it doesn’t look ‘normal’ to me. But, I can figure it out, right? Right.

Ok, the handle is in two pieces, which rotate around one end. I ‘open’ it up and then try to attach it to the can. Somehow, it’s not holding very well. And the blade seems to be on the wrong side, or at least not angling in the best direction. Take a step back and try something else that seems to make more sense in terms of looking at the can and the tool. Suddenly, it snaps together and I twist and I can see….it’s working! Horizontally!

After a full rotation, the head of the can snaps off completely. This makes so much sense. The ones I’m used to always seem to get the top caught in the can and then you have to get a fork or something to pry it open and try not to splatter anything.

I really like this. Very cool.

Dinner time!