This morning, I told my son that the Boston Red Sox were leading their division. He’s not too up on baseball – I don’t talk about it too much – but he remembers a lot. Apparently, I have mentioned the the “Sox” teams, as he then asked me, “What was that other team? The something sox? Was it the White Sox?”

“Yes, there is also a team called the Chicago White Sox”

“But, didn’t they have black socks once?”

Apparently, I told him about the scandal eons ago and now he asked me more about it. So, I told him about gambling, betting, why people bet, how spreads work, and so on. I don’t know much about it – I’m far too conservative to bet on a sport – but I suppose I still know more than he does.

So, after giving him the background on betting and telling how the White Sox became the Black Sox, I told him that intentionally losing a game is illegal and that if someone finds out, you might go to jail or pay fines.

“What are ‘fines’?”

“Money. You have to pay money because you did something bad.”

“Why are they called fines?”

“Hmmm. I don’t know. That’s a good question. They should be called fines. They’re awful. They should be called awfuls. ‘I ran a red light today, now I have to pay this awful.’ ‘There’s a $500 awful to pay for littering in a National Park.’ I think that makes more sense.

Speaking of which, I have a speeding awful and a strange “you were headed in the wrong direction” (but I was parked and on a train at the time) awful to pay. <sigh>