It was time for a hair cut. It’s been time for a haircut for a while. So, while my son was doing sports, I walked around the neighborhood looking for a place to get “my ears lowered” (thank you, Mr. Tenney!). Now, recently, I’ve been getting a simple cut – just 9 mm all the way around. Short, short.

I passed several places but they were busy or closed or didn’t look like the place I wanted to go, so I kept looking. Then, I came across a place which looked promising. They could fit me in after a short wait. Did a great job using scissors instead of the electric shears. And charged me 35 CHF.

Now, I needed a haircut and needed it now, so I’m willing to pay extra for that convenience. But, immediately after leaving, I whipped out my iPhone and entered “cheap haircuts Geneva”. I thought I had done that before with no success, but this time, at least, I found someone with a similar story. And he found a place: École Superieure de Coiffure. Apparently, they have 15 CHF cuts. Much better. I’ll try them next time.