Last weekend, we had guests over. I looked on glocals for an outdoors event we could attend. It didn’t take long. One of the glocalers was hosting an afternoon get-together at Parc La Grange. I had never heard of the park nor did I know where it was, right off. But, a quick look on Google Maps told me where it was and I saw that it was downtown central Geneva. Amazing! In fact, I had driven past it numerous times but due to the fence and trees around it, I never even realized it was there.

We went there and it was really great. Lots of grass. Lots of paths. Rolling hills. We met many people from glocals and played lots of games: Frisbee, badminton, Hoity Toity board game, baseball, and so on. The weather was really nice. The company was excellent. And the best part was the discovery of a great park in Geneva!