Last weekend, my family went for a bike ride. Only my son has his own bicycle right now, so we went to Genève Roule! and rented some bikes. It’s really great. They have lots of bicycles for adults which can be had for free for four hours and then 1,00 CHF per hour thereafter. They were out of the free rentals, so we ended up paying for a rental. Even that was only 8 CHF for the afternoon and evening! Great, easy and fun.

Today, I found out that they also do repairs on bicycles. I bought a bicycle a few weeks ago (before vacation) but had difficulty putting it together – the front wheel wouldn’t turn smoothly due to the brakes being too tight. Could barely get the tire in! So, after many hours and days searching for bicycle repair in Geneva and beyond, I finally called someone who looked down their nose at my bargain brand bike and suggested Genève Roule! A quick phone call later and I was on my way!

Very cool.